5 reasons you should consider Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving units have become the popular choice for storing files and records within hospitals, health centres, schools, surgeries, museums and many other types of business. Here are our top five reasons why you should consider mobile shelving in your office environment.


1. Mobile shelving systems allow you to either halve the space required for your shelving or DOUBLE the storage capacity within the same footprint.
2. Offers easy and fast access to all stored files and records without the need for an aisle between units.
3. When records need to be stored securely, the mobile shelving units have the option to be locked.
4. These modular shelving systems can be added to when required to allow for additional storage requirements.
5. The mobile shelving units are bolted to the floor so can easily be relocated within the same building or moved to a new building if desired.


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